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Recruiting Roundup: Top Classes

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With the NCAA tournament in the books and high school basketball season over, recruiting is in full swing. The AAU is season is kicking off and coaches are looking for the best fits for their rosters. With National Signing Day coming up on May 18, coaches have to be on their “A games” in the cutthroat business of recruiting. Here is a list of the top 10 recruiting classes to date (subject to change).

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Transfers look to make difference with new teams

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There are three ways college teams can get torn apart: the NBA Draft, graduation, and transfers.  If transfers pick the right schools to go to, they can make a major impact on those teams.  This off-season has had many moves, but you have to look at last year’s transfers to make an impact due to the year of ineligibility for transferring.

Here are some of the biggest names to transfer in the last two years, and transfer lists from major conferences over the last two years.
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On Wisconsin: Badgers battle to reach Final Four

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This game in Los Angeles was full of excitement throughout the entire game. Sam Dekker put on a clinic in this game and rallied the Badgers to win and move on to the Final Four. Arizona would play well in the first half and have a three point lead heading into halftime. But Wisconsin’s outstanding offense proved to be too much for Arizona as the Badgers went on to win, 85-78.

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