Our Story

Dorm Room Hoops is a class project.

No, really, it is. We promise. Yes, this might be the coolest class ever.

This is an experimental publication produced by Media Arts undergraduate students in the College of Media and Entertainment at Middle Tennessee State University. Our course is EMC 4950, a special seminar in Sports and Emerging Media.

Our challenge, if we choose to accept (and we kind of have to because it’s our grade), is to rapidly build an online audience and attempt to cover the entirety of the NCAA Tournament (all 67 games) from the comforts of our college campus and dorm rooms. (Thus the name Dorm Room Hoops.)

We may not succeed. But we sure will have fun trying. Follow us to see how we do!

Past Dorm Room Hoops crews:

Spring 2015: The Founders

Because we know you're not studying.