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Instant Analysis: Utes advance to Sweet 16

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Both Georgetown and Utah came in trying to prove they belong in the tournament. Georgetown is coming off a one-year hiatus whereas Utah hasn’t been in this round of the tournament since 2005. But Utah didn’t come into this game to lose. It fought through a few score changes and an early deficit to win the game, 75-64.

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BGOC: Arizona at Utah

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The No. 7 Arizona Wildcats and No. 13 Utah Utes are sitting atop of everyone else in the Pac-12 conference and look to add a big win to their resumes with this game, which tips off at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN. Arizona is great, but terrible on the road. Utah is perfect at home this season. An upset in the making? Here’s what we think.

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Progress Report: Pac-12

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When taking a peek at the Pac-12 conference standings, two teams stand out from amongst the pack – Arizona and Utah. With a crushing win over Washington on Friday night, Arizona bounced back from its surprising loss to rival Arizona State on Feb. 7. It had a blistering win over conference rival Oregon – a team which also deserves some tournament consideration – and followed it up two days later with a win over Oregon State on January 28 and 30 respectively.

Utah, meanwhile, has solidified itself as the No. 2 team in the conference, despite being unable to perform well against nationally-ranked opponents.

And while Stanford was once in the NCAA Tournament discussion not too long ago, has it played its way into the NIT?

To forgo any speculation, here’s a look at the resumes of these three teams.

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