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Instant Analysis: No. 8 NC State wins at buzzer

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Following the theme of today’s games, LSU and NC State kept it close. It appeared to be your typical 8-9 match-up until about 5 minutes left in the first half when LSU went on a 21-6 leading into halftime … at which point I thought this game was over. Clearly I hadn’t learned my lesson from the rest of the 1st round. NC State would make me pay for that when they went on a 18-3 run to close out the game. North Carolina went on to win 66-65.

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An All-ACC Final Four?

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When looking at this year’s NCAA March Madness Tournament bracket, it’s hard not to automatically think Kentucky versus the field. Well … take these facts into consideration:

  • Indianapolis has hosted the Final Four seven times in the past and Kentucky has been in attendance one time … and lost.
  • The ACC has six teams in the field this year with an average seed of a little over 3.5. Yes, one conference with basically six 4-seeds.
  • The ACC has teams distributed in all four regions of the bracket.

Here is why the Final Four in Indianapolis could be an ACC Tournament, Round 2.

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Saturday Syllabus: The Bubble-Buster Edition

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Welcome to the last two days of the regular season … which are appropriately enough loaded with top games. Some games today, though, that aren’t getting the top billing are more important for the long-term. Many teams need key wins to get off the tournament bubble. Others are looking for convincing wins to strengthen their tournament resumes. So while the Duke/North Carolina, Kansas/Oklahoma, and Virginia/Louisville games are outstanding, don’t forget about these games either. Our recommendation? Settle in for an outstanding day of college hoops.

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