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Progress Report: Missouri Valley

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When it comes to the Missouri Valley, it’s Northern Iowa and Wichita State … and then everyone else. Both teams are ranked in the Associated Press Top 25 – No. 10 and No. 11, respectively – and are on a collision course toward a huge regular season finale this weekend. But first, each team has to get through a formidable opponent this evening.

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My college basketball valentines

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Not everyone will be celebrating Valentine’s Day the same way today. Some folks are more traditional, opting for dinner and a night out with their sweetie. Other will have “Singles Awareness Day” and weep while they watch Nicholas Sparks movies by themselves.

As for me, I’ll be watching college basketball, and that’s all the love a guy could really ask for. I don’t need Dove chocolates or a bottle of wine. All I require is my beloved game of hardwood bliss and I’m all set.

So, in honor of this Holiday of Love, I complied a list of players, coaches, and teams who will be receiving a bouquet of roses and a homemade construction-paper Valentine’s Day card made from yours truly.

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