Recruiting Roundup: What Are Recruits Looking For?

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In this three-part series, we will look at the recruiting process not only through the eyes of a recruit, but the recruiter as well. The world of recruiting is a cutthroat business and to get the best, you have to pitch whatever you can to impact recruits to pick your school. In this article we will look at the recruiting process through a recruit’s eyes, and what recruits look for in schools of interest. There are different priorities for each recruit which makes the recruiting process so competitive. Here is a list of some of the top reasons (in no order) why recruits pick they will call home … for a year at least.

  1. Coaching Prestige

    A coach’s reputation, or influence from prior successes and achievements.

  2. Location

    Many players have never been away from home, and sometimes tend to get home sick and transfer to a school closer to home. Some players want to get far away from home, and there are those that want to be close to home so their families can come to their games.

  3. Academics

    The number of college players that go pro is not very high. Some recruits pick schools that have strong and reputable programs in their desired field of study. This can give them the knowledge they need for life after basketball, and a means to provide for themselves.

  4. Playing Time

    There are players that know upon arriving to their college destination that know they will be among the starting lineup. Most players start out as role players, or even have to wait their turn for playing time. For the one-and-done players, this is a key priority, a chance to showcase their skills and get to the pros as soon as possible.

  5. Relationships

    Through the recruiting process relationships are built through home visits, phone calls, college visits, camps and many other means. Some players have family members that have played at their targeted school that could sway the decision making process. Relationships with head coaches, position coaches, recruiting coordinators, and players that are already enrolled in the school are all important in the recruiting process.

  6. Playing Schemes

    Although some may be similar, each school has their own schemes. Recruits look for schools where their skills can be utilized in the systems their team runs, and have an impact in games.

  7. Program Prestige

    A program’s prior success. All of the following impact program prestige — conference success, national success, program traditions, national championships, coaching legends and storied rivalries.

  8. Program Stability

    Stability in the program, meaning not losing head coaches, not being ranked No. 1 one year then No. 100 the next, consistently competing for conference championships, and making regular appearances in the NCAA tournament.

  9. University lifestyle

    Campus environment includes not only the campus, but the area that surrounds it. Some players prefer small college towns, while others love the big city. This factor also includes weather, things to do on campus, housing conditions for players, students, and professors. Also the support the team gets from its student body, faculty and alumni at games and other events.

  10. Facilities

    Yes, it’s true. A college’s home basketball arena, its weight room, locker room, physical therapy facility, and practice facilities are a very big priority to some recruits.

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