Wacky Brackets: Colors, Mascots, Uniforms

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How many different methods are there of picking a bracket? A lot. Some require statistical analysis and research and others … well, those are the ones we decided to dig into this week. We spent two hours picking brackets in as many random ways as possible, most of which required no basketball knowledge whatsoever. Our first three wacky brackets were picked by best uniforms and best school colors, which are obviously quite subjective. We also got into the age-old method of picking a bracket by the mascot that would win in a fight.

Best Uniforms


Not claiming fashion guru status here, so I channeled my inner Derek Zoolander and picked the NCAA national champion based on coolest uniforms.  If there was a method to my thread selection I would tell you but I think this was purely based on preference.  I like simplicity and classic schemes, but I think it was uniqueness and variety that won out for me.  Hence my champion, the Maryland Terrapins!  They have revamped their unis in basketball and football over the years and have even incorporated the Maryland state flag.  So when it comes to the coolest duds Maryland is numero uno. — Kevin Jackson

Best School Colors


This bracket was picked strictly from the team’s school colors. The first couple rounds were fairly easy to pick, but it started getting difficult in the Elite 8. The Final Four were to hard to pick myself, and I had to ask the rest of the Dorm Room Hoops staff for assistance. In the final, Oregon won over Boise St. in the National Championship game. — Jake Hapner

Mascot Battles


Everyone knows one of the funniest ways to pick a bracket is by which mascot would win in a fight, but here at Dorm Room Hoops, we do it right. You have to set a location for the fight, otherwise fights like Gators vs. Tigers could go either way depending on the environment; is it in a swamp or a field? So our battle royale location? The Roman Coliseum. There were still some difficult decisions along the way still. Ole Miss vs. Baylor was a strange one considering it was two bears. We decided however that the Baylor Bear would win since Ole Miss’s bear would still be a bit of a cub seeing as how it’s only been around since 2010. Of course though, the freaking Dragon tore through them all. — Brett Gilbert

Editor’s Note: This bracket also led to some of the best newsroom commentary of the night.

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