Our Tournament Picks

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So, we’ve had some fun with our Wacky Brackets … but now that it’s tournament day (the most wonderful day of the year, in our opinion), it’s time to get serious. Here are our real Final Four and national championship picks for your perusal. Enjoy the hoops. (And visit back here often this weekend!)

Dane Baron

Notre Dame, UNC, Virginia, Duke (ACC – duh)

UNC, Duke

UNC (86-81)

Kyle Blevens

Kentucky, Wisconsin, Virginia, Iowa St.

Kentucky, Virginia


Jacob Cook

Kentucky, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Duke

Wisconsin, Duke


Brett Gilbert

Kentucky, Duke, UNC, Oklahoma

Kentucky, Duke


Abby Hapner

Notre Dame, North Carolina, Michigan State, Duke

Notre Dame, Duke


Jake Hapner

Kentucky, North Carolina, Louisville, Duke

Kentucky, Duke


Kevin Jackson

Kentucky, Arizona, Michigan State, Iowa State

Arizona, Michigan St


Jake Miller

Kentucky, Wisconsin, Louisville, Gonzaga

Wisconsin, Gonzaga


Carla Swank

Kentucky, Arizona, Virginia, Iowa State

Kentucky, Iowa State



Oh, what the heck. Here’s one more wacky bracket, just for fun. Enjoy the games.

Sorority Girls


In the process of making brackets for March Madness, everyone was asking who can we get that knows nothing about basketball. Being in a fraternity on campus, this was an easy task for me. So I called up a sorority member that I know from UT-Chattanooga. This was painful and entertaining at the same time.  Three of the number one seeds were knocked out in the first round. This also consists of great runs by Coastal Carolina and Harvard.  Her final four consisted of Kansas, Louisville, OhioState, and Duuuuuke. Of course, Duuuuuke would be picked as the winner. — Jake Miller



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