Gonzaga meets UCLA nine years later

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The Gonzaga Bulldogs look to take on the UCLA Bruins tonight in the Sweet 16. This comes nine years after the infamous image of Adam Morrison crying at mid court after the Zags blew a lead in the second half to get eliminated. The Bulldogs are favored to win the game, but there are some things for the Bruins to do to upset the Zags.

What Gonzaga Must Do:

Kyle Wiltjer has been the reason the Bulldogs have been able to rack up so many points this season. In one game the guy dropped 45 points. In order for Gonzaga to win, it has to have Wiltjer get in the zone like he has all season.  The Zags shoot just over 50 percent from the field and that will be the deciding factor for them.

What UCLA Must Do:

In order for UCLA to win, the Bruins will have to shut down Wiltjer completely. If they can keep him from scoring, they might stand a good chance at repeating history. Nobody believed that UCLA should have even been in the tournament. Now this team has a chance to keep up the momentum and be the team that has everyone saying “How in the world?” in a few days.

The game is set for a 7:15 p.m. ET tip off on CBS.

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