Post-Season Superlatives

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With the college basketball season at a close, awards are being given and history is being written. But with all the MVP, Coach of the Year, and various other awards going out, it’s time someone cover the important stuff … high school yearbook style.

Biggest Hands

Without a doubt, this one is going to have to go to Jahlil Okafor. Shannon Spake of ESPN brought the world this glorious photo in early February.

Best Hair

This one is gonna have to be a tie, with both forwards from Utah State being finalists.

Jalen Moore and Shawn Harris would both be great separately, but both being forwards from the same school makes this simply no contest.

Best Interview

While there were plenty of gaffes this season, this one will have to go to Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes and his charming moment with a stenographer.

Best Name

There are plenty of great nominations for this one, but without a doubt my pick is Sir’Dominic Pointer from St. John’s. Facing a life as a medieval knight, it’s always nice to see a feel good story of a young man making it.

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