Wacky Brackets: Best and Worst

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On to the next three wacky methods of picking a bracket. This time, the Dorm Room Hoops staff rated the schools in the tournament based on things they’re either really, really good at … or really, really bad at. Methodology this time? Best football team, worst graduation rate, and best basketball player in team history. (That last method led to a whole lot of debate in the newsroom.)

Best Player in Team History


This bracket shows how the tournament would be decided if you picked the winners based off that particular school’s best player in history. The first round is a bit of a no-brainer but then it gets interesting. Players such as Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Magic, and Pistol Pete are matched up head-to-head. The player’s college career was taken into consideration rather than overall basketball career. By this methodology, UCLA wins. But it was one heck of a debate. — Dane Baron

Best Football School


Picking a bracket from the basis of a college’s football team?  Yep, that’s how this one was picked. (Sorry, Belmont.) The Final Four brought the big boys from Big 10, SEC, Big 12 and the independent standout Notre Dame.  Of course, since Ohio State won the first College Football Playoff, it would only make sense to have them win the NCAA Tournament also. — Abby Hapner

Worst Graduation Rate


One and done in college basketball is a very high percentage in dominate college basketball programs (generally).  So this factors into graduation rates. We picked the schools with the lowest graduation rates to advance. The final was between Cinderella hopefuls Texas Southern and Boise State, with Texas Southern winning with a whopping graduation rate of 5 percent. — Abby Hapner and Jake Hapner

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